Shambhala (ing.)

Dong Sheng MeiShambhala literally means: place of peace and tranquility. It is the place which hosts our Kwon, therefore the physical space, energetic and spiritual home to all activities of the school, absorbed by uncontaminated nature, upon the slopes of the Sambre Valley, a crystal clear river that replenishes the ground and  the woods with life.

Shambhala Firenze

Shambala also hosts a farm with many domestic animals like hens, geese, donkeys, piglets, a dog, and cats, where they all live in perfect harmony.

Shambhala Firenze

Adjacent surroundings are magical places, rich in energies, scents, unique colors, where roe deers, wild boars, badgers, pheasants, buzzards etc. live freely among us, not worried by the presence of humans.

In these places we carry out our activities and share unique experiences.

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