Blackpool, England, early spring 1984.

Dear Wang, what’s wrong with my meditation?

“Your meditation is like a short holiday… That’s no good!
Don’t practice to become what you don’t believe to be
or to get what you think you don’t possess.
There is nothing to reach.
There is nothing to get.
There is nothing to build.
There is nothing to change.
No effort either relaxation.
Simply look into yourself,
recognize your natural state and stay there.
Remember… if you are thinking about it,
It is not the natural state!”


Preston, England, early winter 1984.

Dear Wang, I can rationally understand what you say but I don’t know how to transform your advice into practice…

“It is not very important because you are already beyond all thought, emotion and action that you can do.

You are already what you would like to be.”

I’m confused…

“Listen to me…

whatever you do according to enlightenment, it brings you closer;

whatever you do without keeping it in mind, you move away from it.

Be present! Always!

Do not get distracted! Never!

When you will be very close to your greatest aspiration, cut that last wish and you will be definitely free.”


Preston, England, late winter 1984.

Dear Wang, will practice really help me achieve liberation?

In truth, nothing can free you because you are already free. Practicing will help you find your bonds and loosen them until they break up; when you have no more attachments the rest will come easily.

I know many of my attachments, but how can I get rid of them?

First of all you have to separate the subject from the object; you always say: “I am this”, “I am that” … separates the “I am” from “this” and “that”, and tries to experience being, independently of the object.

But if I say “I am”, does not the ego still keep me from fully experiencing the experience of being?

Quite right. But without objects to bind and identify with, the ego disappears like a drop of water in the ocean.

However, there is still a memory of me that influence my life…

The ego, the person, is only a habit built on memory and nourished by desires and fears.

The memory of what you believe to have been like “I”, derives from the sum of the experiences lived through the body and its senses… it is the identification and therefore the attachment to the body that must be cut so you one can experience being.

In Absolute Presence there is nothing to bind yourself and nothing to forget: everything is known, nothing is remembered.

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